First candidate files for School Board District 5

Parish Tanner is the first candidate to file for the seat. [Photo submitted]

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Posted March 7, 2022 | By Matthew Cretul

Parish Tanner has filed the necessary paperwork to run for the District 5 seat on the Marion County School Board.

Tanner, the owner of Ocala Car Audio and Tint in Downtown Ocala, felt it was his time to serve, and that led him to put the paperwork in.

“I’ve never thought politics was something I wanted to do, that it’s always for somebody else. But at some point, you’ve got to realize that we are that somebody else,” he said. “And I said, well, I think that I can bring some unique things to the table.”

There is a trio of V’s Tanner believes are important and can help students, teachers, and parents be successful.

“I want to find a way to better align [the] visions between parents and the schools, I want to help our children with their voices, and I want to strengthen our vocations. And I think with those three things, we can spell victory for our children in the school system,” he said.

Having his children attend schools locally, Tanner said, along with his business background, gives him a unique perspective.

[I’ve] raised three kids here in Marion County,” he said.  “I think that by bringing some common-sense business approaches to the school board, from a parent’s point of view that’s raised our kids in it, I think I’m set to help bring that to the forefront.”

Tanner is conscious of the growth the county is experiencing but said it presents somewhat of a double-edged sword.

“Well…growth is good, and growth is bad. Managed growth is good…I think realistically when we’re looking at the growth, I think that we need to be prepping our children for the jobs that are coming here,” he said.

An interaction with one of his children, Tanner said, also lead to his decision to seek the school board seat.

“My daughter told me recently that she was thinking that she may have to move to a bigger city to get better job opportunities for what she wants to do. And it kind of breaks a parent’s heart to have their kids move away,” he said. “So I kind of want to try to find a way that my kids don’t have to move away. So I want them to find their dream jobs here, and to help other kids find their dream jobs here…I just figured that with the school board, that’s something that would give me a good opportunity to work towards.”

Tanner is the first candidate to file for the District 5 seat, currently held by Kelly King, who has not yet filed for re-election.

The general election will be held on Nov. 8, 2022.