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Posted August 19, 2021 |

The following list contains the political contributions for all candidates running for Ocala
city elections which will be decided on Sept. 21.

The contributions are complete through the July 31 reporting date.

In addition to the direct contributions, at least two political committees have also been active in 
some of the races.

Accountability in Government, Inc. who received $15,000 in donations during the month
of July from entities owned by local businessmen, Doug Cone and Harvey Vandeven.

That political committee is currently running two campaigns:
         • One is a digital campaign with pop-up ads and a direct mail piece calling Manal Fakoury “A wolf
in sheep’s clothing.”
        • One direct mail piece campaigning for two candidates, Barry Mansfield and Ty Schlichter,
against Brent Malever and Jay Musleh.

The print and digital pieces state “Paid electioneering communication paid for by Accountability in Government, Inc.”

Florida Statute 106.011 (8)(a) defines “electioneering communications” doesn’t include distribution of such material through digital ad/web means, but instead specifically identifies distribution through “television station, radio station, cable television system, satellite system, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, or telephone.”

Readers have reported they are having digital ads pop up while on their phones in various apps and
webpages leading them to a web page that outlines donations Fakhoury has made to Democrat
candidates while leaving out the donations Fakhoury made to Republican campaigns.

Citizens for Florida Prosperity PC is financially connected to Florida First Forever PAC. Florida First Forever received a $20,000 contribution from local businessman Stan Hanson, the same politico behind Facebook page Marion County Political Forum. The political committee is currently running one campaign for city council candidate Lori Martin Gregory with the disclaimer, Paid by Citizens for Florida

A full list of each candidate’s contributors is in our August 20, 2021 print and digital editions.

The Mayor's race

Manal Fakhoury

Total $41,741.00

As of July 31st, Fakhoury has the largest number of contributors and has raised the most money.  

Kent Guinn

Total $31,325

In addition to campaign contributions, businessmen Doug Cone and Harvey Vandeven have collectively contributed $15,000 to a PAC that are running attack ads against Fakhoury.

City Council Seat 1

Brent Malever

Total $25,075

Of note, former city manager, John Zobler contributed to Malever’s campaign.

Barry Mansfield

Total $41,700

In addition to these contributions, Mansfield receives help from a PAC called Accountability in Government, Inc.

City Council Seat 3

Rusty Juergens

Total  $7,425


Jay Musleh
Total $20,110

Of note, former city manager John Zoebler contributed to Musleh’s campaign.

Ty Schlichter
Total $39,315

In addition to these contributions, Schlichter receives help from a PAC called Accountability in Government, Inc.
Billionaire developers behind World Equestrian Center have contributed $3,000 between three entities to Schlichter.

City Council Seat 4

Kristen Dryer


Alex Everts
Total $545


Barbara Fitos

Total $2,350

Lori Martin Gregory
Total $5,350

In addition to campaign contributions, Gregory campaign receives help from a PAC called Citizens for Florida Prosperity.

Curtis Jones 
Total $100

Kevin Lopez
Total $1,182.78

City Council Seat 5

Jim Hilty

Total $10,400


Greg Steen

Total $30,781

Steen has made the highest personal financial contribution to his campaign than any of the other candidates  in the sum of $17,241.43 

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