Animal Services offers program for free “barn cats”

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Posted November 8, 2023 | By Caroline Brauchler

Marion County Animal Services offers a unique form of pest control for those who wish to take home a “barn cat” free of charge.

“Working Whiskers” is a program to house less social or feral cats to provide pest control in exchange for food, water and shelter for the felines.

The barn cats, or working cats, can be taken home free of charge as long as the recipient brings a cat carrier to transport the animal.

When you bring the barn cat to whatever structure you plan on keeping it in for pest control, they should be kept in housing, such as a large crate or small enclosed room or feed room, for a minimum of two weeks until they are acclimated with their environment.

“During that time, they will get used to the sights, sounds and the person who feeds them and changes their litter pan,” according to Animal Services. “Some agencies suggest longer than two weeks, but that can be decided by you and your cats.”

All cats are vaccinated, sterilized, ear tipped and microchipped for identification purposes, according to Animal Services.

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