Senior Learners goes interactive

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Posted August 7, 2020 |

Senior Learners, Inc. is temporarily transforming from classroom to offering interactive, summer courses online, through Zoom, for seniors age 50 or older.

Senior Learners will host “France: In Search of Claude Monet,” on Wednesday, Aug. 12, at 1:30 p.m., online. Instructor Dr. Evelyn Kelly will discuss Claude Monet, who became passionate about nature, and whose style of impressionism evolved to show it. The house and gardens at Giverny are now the must-see tourist destination in France.

Born in Paris, but rejected by the artists of his time, Monet searched to find himself in many countries, including serving in the French Foreign Legion. Dr. Kelly will look at his life and his love of nature. Monet loved the outdoors so much that he developed a studio in a boat to paint on the water.

The cost of the course is $2.50 and is open to the public 50 years of age or older.

Visit or call 352-239-8780 to learn more and register.