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Posted May 16, 2023 | Ocala Gazette Staff

It’s voting day for all registered voters in House District 24. The special election is being held to fill the vacant seat left by Joe Harding.

Here are the only two choices, both Republican: Robert “Foxy Fox or Ryan Chamberlin.

Robert “Foxy Fox and Ryan Chamberlin

Only Chamberlin’s name will be on the ballot.

Voters who want to choose the qualified write-in candidate must bubble in that line and write Fox’s name.

A spokesperson for the Supervisor of Election’s office has indicated that any of the following variations written in will be considered a vote for Robert “Foxy” Fox:

Robert Fox
Rob Fox
Robert Foxy Fox
Foxy Fox

Let’s take a look back at our coverage of the special election.

We shared why and how this became a closed primary and why this particular write-in candidate, Robert Fox, is asking voters to buck the norm and vote for him.

We’ve reported how nasty campaigning has backfired and why many across both aisles are choosing to support the underdog in the race, write-in candidate Fox.

We dug deep into financial disclosures to point out irregularities of candidate Ryan Chamberlin.

We also checked into Chamberlin’s background to give context for his claims of being an “author,” “public speaker,” and “successful CEO.” 

Do you want to geek out on data and review the voter makeup of District 24? Check out the district’s voter demographics using this link.

Due to the nature of counting write-in candidate ballots, we will likely not report the race’s winner tonight. But check in for updates by Thursday afternoon.

Polls are open until 7 p.m. tonight. Find your voting precinct using this link: Find my precinct.

See if you are in House District 24 by looking at this map: House District 24 map.



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