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Posted February 13, 2024 |

The “Ocala Gazette” is proud to announce the introduction of a new events calendar, available in our digital and print publications as well as on the “Ocala Gazette” website. The calendar is an opportunity for local businesses and organizations to increase awareness of their upcoming events in the community.

Fees start at $25 total per event. Pricing varies depending on the number of events registered and the length of the posting. For $25, events will be published in the print/digital editions of the weekly “Ocala Gazette” and on our website. At $100, a short article will be written and featured in all “Ocala Gazette” formats. At $125, the event will receive an article AND a social media story post on Facebook and Instagram.

To register your event, please submit with your contact information, event date, (contact location, a short description, an event or ticket link, and any artwork you may have. Deadlines to be included in print are at 12 PM on Tuesdays two weeks prior to the publication date. Submissions must be paid in full to be included.

To promote an event, visit ocalagazette.com/event-calendar-submission. To view the events calendar online or add it to your email, visit ocalagazette.com/events.

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