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Posted August 7, 2020 | Gloria E. Nelson, Ocala

As I sat reading the commentary “It’s in our DNA to resist a mandate” (July 31), the first thing I thought of was, my DNA isn’t American, its human. That’s the whole issue with mask wearing and believing that there really is a virus.

Who likes wearing a mask? No one I know, especially me. I have COPD and have every excuse (non-DNA) to not wear a mask, but I do. I can only wear it for 30 minutes at a time, and that’s a struggle. I wear a mask because my DNA is human and hopefully with that comes my humanity. How do I walk into Publix or Aldi without a mask on, only to find so many others wearing their masks to protect me? That’s humanity.

I am totally irritated by the ways we have chosen to deny a disease that kills my fellow Americans every day. We have applied religiosity to deny science with statements and placards that say “Faith rather than Fear.” What does that mean? If I have faith, I won’t get sick? What year are we in? Did those who have fallen sick and died, not have faith? Was every death in 1918 the death of a heathen? How arrogant!

My faith says my DNA is human, not American or any other nationality. My DNA is not Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion. Those are things we choose after deciding, hopefully, that we have an affinity for that group. Our DNA does not match theirs.

Hopefully, we can connect with our humanness and demonstrate through our humanity, that we care for our fellow man and do whatever we’ve been told to do, to make a difference in spreading this virus.

Are we comparing deaths in New York and New Jersey to those cases in Iowa and South Dakota? Seriously, do we see these two areas as equally populated or equally at risk?

This issue is not about what you’re comfortable with or whether your civil rights are being violated. It is about staying healthy and protecting the health of our neighbors and loved ones. There are far better opportunities available to us all to defend the constitutional rights of all Americans. Just look around.

Put your mask on and find another group that matches your “DNA” and make a positive, life-saving difference in the world.

Gloria E. Nelson, Ocala

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