MCSO announces “Respond with Care” program

Citizens who often travel with people who have special needs can now pick up a free “respond with care” sticker for their vehicles at any Marion County Sheriff’s Office location to alert first responders on how to proceed in case of an emergency [Courtesy of MCSO].

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Posted September 12, 2023 | By Caroline Brauchler

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has announced a new program called “Respond with Care” to help prioritize the safety of people with special needs.

MCSO will now offer free stickers for the vehicles of people who routinely or occasionally travel with passengers who have special needs so, in case of an accident, first responders may know that a certain caution may be necessary to mitigate the crisis and care for the occupants.

The stickers read “special needs occupant” and “respond with care,” and will be available at any one of the MCSO offices.

“Our priority has always been the safety of our citizens by providing a high quality of life through professional interactions,” according to an MCSO press release. “This new program is a communication link between our special needs citizens and first responders.”

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