Marine Corps birthday recognized in Ocala

Marine Corps veteran Robert Levenson cuts the cake at a 248th Marine Corps birthday celebration on Nov. 10, 2023, hosted by Marion County Veterans Helping Veterans and held at the Marion County Veterans Service Center in Ocala. [Andy Fillmore]

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Posted November 12, 2023 | By Andy Fillmore,

David Teichmann was honored as the senior Marine with the first piece of cake at a U.S. Marine Corps 248th birthday celebration on Friday Nov. 10, at Marion County Veterans Service Center at 2730 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala. The celebration was hosted by Marion County Veterans Helping Veterans, which is housed in the venue.

Teichmann, 92, served from 1951 to 1979 and flew fighter aircraft in the Korean and Vietnam wars. The former volunteer with Disabled American Veterans and Marion County Veterans Helping Veterans said he was honored by getting the first piece of cake. He said he enjoys the “camaraderie” with fellow Marines, especially on the birthday, and feels the Marine Corps will always be there when needed.

The cake at the gathering was decorated with the Marine Corps emblem, the years 1775 -2023, and the motto “Semper Fi.” A tradition explained at the gathering was that the senior Marine is recognized with the first piece of cake and that person serves the second piece to the youngest Marine. Dick DeBoy was recognized as youngest Marine at the gathering.

Veteran Robert Levenson, in USMC uniform, cut the sheet cake using a saber. Marine veteran Christine Webster also joined the celebration. She served a 22 ½–year career in the Marine Corps, including two deployments overseas.

The gathering Friday included a Prisoner of War remembrance table set with items reflecting a missing comrade and a video on the mission of the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps birthday is an annual celebration of the founding of two battalions of Marines by the Second Continental Congress in 1775, according to Marine Corps
Celebrations prior to 1921 were held on a different date but in 1921, Nov. 10 was set as the official date to mark the birthday of the Corps, according to the website. By 1937, formal birthday celebrations were a regular occurrence, the site states.

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