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Posted February 13, 2024 |

What’s the one thing that you can give this Valentine’s Day? Your love and your support for our hometown local journalists, bringing you the news wherever it may lead.

When we started the Ocala Gazette, it was for a single purpose. Unearth the truth and keep the public informed. Now more than ever, we face challenges from public institutions who only want their side of the story reported. It makes being a fair and accurate source even more difficult.

But in order to be trusted, we must report the facts, which may sometimes be ugly, and other times inconvenient.

The support of our readers is what keeps us going. We do not put our reporting behind a paywall, nor do we run dozens of popup ads. Our subscription model lets us stay independent and lets us focus on what’s really important: reporting the news.

For only a $10 monthly subscription, you will receive the latest news on everything from local government to community events, sports, and even public safety. Every Friday, you’ll receive your choice of a digital or print copy of the full Ocala Gazette, as well as a digital digest version on the following Monday.

Our readers are our lifeblood, and so we strive to give them the best reporting we can deliver so they know their money is well spent.

Please support us as we continue the mission to deliver high quality, independent reporting to the citizens of Ocala. You can either purchase a subscription or make a donation

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