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Posted September 20, 2023 |

I write to express my concerns and share my thoughts on the recent settlement of the defamation suit brought by Jose Juarez, a candidate in the State House District 24 special election last spring. The settlement reveals troubling aspects of political campaigning and its impact on our community.

First and foremost, I commend Mr. Juarez for his commitment to holding those responsible for misleading political attack ad mailers accountable. His request for a simple letter of apology and reimbursement of legal fees was both reasonable and just. The joint statement from the defendants acknowledging the unfortunate terminology used in their messaging about Mr. Juarez is a step in the right direction.

However, this case highlights the broader issue of negative campaigning and its potential to discourage honest individuals from seeking public office. The mailers in question contained damaging allegations that not only harmed Mr. Juarez’s reputation but also had the potential to tarnish our political discourse.

It’s concerning to see financial contributions flowing from PACs with ties to the winning campaign, raising questions about coordination and accountability. The transparency of such financial relationships is crucial in maintaining the integrity of our electoral system.

Moreover, the fact that the campaign manager’s company was represented by the winning candidate’s uncle raises eyebrows about potential conflicts of interest within the political arena.

As we move forward, it is essential for our community to foster a more respectful and honest political environment.

Negative campaigning should not be a path to victory, and candidates should be encouraged to engage in constructive debates about their policies and qualifications without resorting to character attacks.

I hope that Mr. Juarez’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of fair and truthful political discourse and encourages others to run for public office without the fear of being unfairly targeted.


Charlie Stone

Former Florida House of Representatives


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