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Posted July 6, 2020 | By Jim Henningsen

High school seniors and their families are making critical decisions as they consider the next chapter in their lives during this pandemic. Some who planned to enter the workforce directly after graduation can significantly improve their employability and earnings by investing in advanced skill and talent development. Those who planned to begin their education at a university this fall may want to consider staying home. The College of Central Florida is prepared to serve all these students in a safe, affordable, and high-quality learning environment.

University-bound seniors can keep their dreams on track by beginning their higher education at the College of Central Florida. While universities are making decisions about online or on-campus classes, shortened semesters, social distancing in dorms, and the new normal for higher education, these students and their parents should know that CF is a smart choice. Students can apply, enroll and complete coursework from the comfort of their couch at half the cost.

Did you know that students who begin their education at CF and transfer to a university outperform their peers who start at a university right out of high school? By earning an associate degree at CF, they are guaranteed admission to one of Florida’s public universities, and that path is even smoother with the University of Central Florida’s Direct Connect to UCF programs and University of South Florida’s FUSE program. Additionally, CF has one of the highest transfer acceptance rates to the University of Florida.

Workforce-bound seniors can increase their employability with a short-term certificate program in agribusiness, business, criminal justice, digital media, engineering, health sciences, logistics and many more. They can continue with an associate degree, enhancing their competitiveness and wages in the job market, and add an internship to gain on-the-job experience and make connections with possible employers.

CF offers a trusted educational experience at a very affordable cost. We are among the top 150 colleges in the country for quality and are in the running for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence in 2021 — it is the fourth time that we have made the list. We are among the top 1 percent for affordability in the country which allows 75 percent of our students to graduate debt-free.

Students will find state-of-the-art lab resources and online tools, free tutoring, counseling and IT assistance. Faculty are fully focused on student success, whether delivering instruction online or in the classroom. As a matter of fact, CF has a history of success with online classes and experienced a smooth transition when COVID-19 necessitated a shift to primarily online delivery.

At CF we know that high school seniors have experienced a spring like no other, been put to the test and forced to rethink their priorities. Our CF team wants you to keep your dreams alive. Whether workforce-bound or focused on a degree, CF is ready to help you achieve your goals – right here, right now.

Jim Henningsen is president of the College of Central Florida.

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