Do we really need, need, need?

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Posted July 20, 2020 | Gloria DeMartino, Ocala

One of these days a vaccine will be discovered for this terrible virus. When we’re all safely vaccinated, will you go back to your normal active life?

Reliable data shows we lower-income people are two to three paychecks away from financial trouble, not enough in savings accounts, stocks or bonds. Soon rents or mortgages will be in arrears, bills not paid, cars repossessed!

May I suggest a reassessment? Let’s look at our finances on two levels: fixed expenses and normal habits. Credit cards are convenient as long as they’re paid up each month. If you’re used to a latte each morning on the way to work, and eating lunch out, add up mentally gas for the car and those receipts for a month and … whoa! If you need a new car every two or three years, get car repair insurance instead.

Wealthier people will keep the businesses going, surely. Don’t be suckered in by advertisements that want us to fell less than “with it” if we don’t need, need, need and buy, buy, buy!

—Gloria DeMartino, Ocala

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