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Posted April 2, 2021 | Sponsored by Ocala Gazette

The Ocala Gazette partnered with the City of Ocala to raise awareness during Water Conservation Month. We invited Marion County Public Schools, private schools and home school associations to participate by showing us how they answer the question “Why is water conservation important?”

Winning artwork will be made into stickers that will be placed in the City of Ocala’s Water Recharge Park and the grand prize winner will have a sticker placed outside of The Marion Theatre.

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!

Grand Prize & High School First Place

Megan Allard
Grade 10, Vanguard High School
Teacher: Tasha Strigle

Middle School First Place

Rebekah Elliott
Grade 6, Howard Middle
Teacher: Pamela Earnest

Primary/Intermediate First Place

Stanton-Weirsdale Elementary
Teacher: Dana Moller

High School Second Place

Julia Charske
Grade 12, Vanguard High
Teacher: Euan Hunter

Middle School Second Place

Leah Mcginley
Grade 7, Osceola Middle
Teacher: Sandy Wineberger

High School Third Place

Janai Carr-Smith
Grade 10, Vanguard High
Teacher: Tasha Strigle

Middle School Third Place

Kori Taylor
Grade 6, Liberty Middle
Teacher: Kimberly Harac

Winning Teachers

1. Euan Hunter – Vanguard High
2. Pamela Ernest – Howard Middle
3. Dana Moller – Stanton-Wiersdale Elementary
4. Sandy Wineberger – Osceola Middle
5. Tasha Strigle – Vanguard High

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