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Posted May 5, 2021 | By Ainslie Lee, | Photography by Meagan Gumpert, special to Ocala Gazette

[Meagan Gumpert Photography, special to the Ocala Gazette]

Ty Schlichter has been a part of the Ocala community for nearly 20 years.

After moving from Wisconsin, Schlichter graduated from Forest High School and then went on study electrical engineering at the University of Florida. He then joined his father at Central Florida Electric of Ocala as vice president.

But Schlichter’s commitment to the community is only part of his drive to run for city council.

The other part comes in the shape of his four pony-tailed daughters.

“That keeps me busy and that’s partially why I wanted to run. You know, with four girls here, I feel very vested in the community, and it seemed like a good opportunity and a good time to try and get more involved to see what I can do to help make things better and help push things the right way, I guess.”

For Schlichter, there are three main areas that he’d like to focus on to improve the Ocala area, with the first being fostering a healthy relationship between the public sector and the private sector in Ocala.

However, it’s important it’s a relationship with balance, Schlichter said.

“How we can grow Ocala, but in a managed way… a very managed and sustainable way. Because growth at all expense is not necessarily what we want, but we do have to grow. It’s good for everyone in Ocala.”

With growth, comes an additional strain on the city’s first responders, however. And Schlichter wants to be sure that he plays a role in making sure that the Ocala Police Department and Ocala Fire Rescue have the resources they need to keep Ocala safe.

“It’s been a challenging year for all aspects of it,” Schlichter said. “We need to support them as a community and make sure that we’re there for them. Because I would like a police officer there when I need one. So, I think we need to continue to give them the resources they need and the support that they need as a community. And I want to be a part of that.”

Schlichter would also like to add an emphasis on beautifying Ocala, including exploring the addition of more parks.

Schlichter’s will take on incumbent Jay Musleh for the District 3 seat during the Sept. 21 regular election. Musleh first took the seat in 2012 after he won a special election to fill a vacancy on the council. He was re-elected the following year to a full four-year term and ran unopposed in 2017.

“I’m part of the community,” Schlichter said. “My wife and I are going to be here a long time with our four daughters. What’s important to me is that we leave the city better than what we have it now. I think that’s our responsibility as the preceding generation that we leave it better for our kids.”

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