Campaign contributions posted ahead of election day

Just days ahead of the Sept. 21 Ocala city elections, candidates filed their latest campaign contribution reports.

Mayor’s Race:

At $131,501 in monetary contributions, Manal Fakhoury has raised the most of all the candidates. She also has the highest number of contributors, including the highest number from Marion County. She raised $31,031 during the reporting period of Sept. 4 – 16, according to reports filed with the Marion County Supervisor of Elections Office.

Kent Guinn has raised a total of $96,970 during his campaign. He reported raising $7,570 for the same period of Sept. 4-16.

District 1:

Barry Mansfield has raised $52,500 for his campaign with $600 raised in the last report.

Incumbent Brent Malever has raised a total of $28,425 in monetary contributions. He reported no monetary contributions in his last report but did report $1,400 in in-kind donations.

District 3:

Ty Schlichter reported a total of $46,665 in contributions to lead the three candidates in the District 3 race. He reported $1,000 in contributions on his last report.

Incumbent Jay Musleh has raised $24,585 with $500 coming during the last reporting period ending Sept. 17.

Russell Juergens came in with $23,390 in contributions, including $3,000 from Sept. 4 – 17.

District 4:

Kristen Dreyer leads the pack of five candidates vying for the seat with $24,325 in contributions. She did not file a contributions report for the period between Sept. 4 – 17 as of Monday, according to the elections office.

Lori Martin Gregory has raised $12,589, including $3,800 in the last reporting period.

Barbara Fitos stands at $8,350 in contributions, including $1,650 between Sept. 4-17.

Kevin Lopez raised $1,482.78 with no contributions for the last reporting period.

Alexander Everts raised $1,445 and had not filed a contributions report as of Monday, records show.

Curtis Jones raised a total of $200 with $100 coming during the last reporting period.

District 5:

Greg Steen has raised $60,783.89, with $11,300 of the $11,750 he raised in the last reporting period coming from himself.

James Hilty has reported $21,400.10 in contributions with $325 coming in the last reporting period.

Figures do not include in-kind contribution totals. For full campaign contribution reports,

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